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Journal 2

Working with a character and finding out how they should be played is difficult. Especially when you are double cast. I think that in order to find out how to play my character, I had to play her without watching the other person who was being the same character. You not only have to look for the large things, you have to look for the larger things as well. It is just like two people that sit next to each other to paint the same tree. Just because those people are sitting next to each other and painting the same tree doesn't mean it has to look the same.In order to learn certain things, however, I had to watch her(the person that I am double cast with), and I feel as if we have become too alike.Maybe it is because it is my character and not someone else doing the character but when you are double cast, it's as if you want to be a different character than the person you are double cast with. The character might be the same person, but as long as you make the director happy and work your blocking right, the character can be portrayed in two completely different ways. A prime example would be Harpagon in " The Miser", one of the guys playing him is using the voice of one of those old men who always hit on younger women. While the other is using one of those voices that suggest that maybe he has a stick up his backside that needs to be taken out. However, it's not only that, its the way they flirt, the way they laugh, cough, sit, walk, stand. Essentially, they are a different character. As someone who is double cast, I look for the line between me and the girl who is also playing that same character, and i cannot seem to locate it. There are subtle differences, like the way we do certain parts, or say a certain line, but I want to find the real difference. I guess you could say that it was just like commedia. Four people can put the same mask on and play that character in four different ways. And I have done that before. We all had to put on the same mask and play a demon coming into a room, the demons were all different in their movements and gestures and even their noises. It is the same when you are double cast, their has to be that significant difference. The two guys who play harpagon have found that difference in their mask and I want to find a different way of playing the mask that I will be wearing.


March 2009

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